Palestine: Beijing attempts to reconcile Hamas and Fatah

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Reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah comes into question as both movements exchanged blame of obstructing the expanded national dialogue agreement on the 24th of June according to Middle East Monitor. Both groups claimed that they were committed to achieving greater Palestinian unity through Chinese mediation.

Hossam Badran, the head of the Hamas National Relations Office, stated that the organisation had answered to “the call of [their] friends in China regarding achieving Palestinian national unity”. Badran reiterated that they were engaged in discussions with “great positivity and responsibility,”.

The Hamas official pointed out to press that Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the Palestinian Authority, had informed the Chinese of Fatah’s refusal to join in an expanded meeting. Badran asserted that Abbas had provided “no logical justification” for pulling out of talks, further expressing his “regret” over this position. Criticising Fatah’s handling of the talks, Badran stated “This was an obstruction to reaching a national consensus at a sensitive and critical stage that our people are experiencing, and in light of the Al-Aqsa Flood battle during which our people are presenting an ideal image of steadfastness and determination.”

The disruption of talks was seen as “unjustified and unacceptable” to serving the greater interest of Palestinians said Badran.

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The Palestinian News and Information Agency (Wafa) in contrast stated that Fatah welcomed Chinese efforts to create a national dialogue between the two organisations with “great appreciation”. Fatah declared its commitment to ensuring the success of Chinese mediation but also blamed Hamas for “failure of all previous dialogue”.

The end of April saw the meeting of Palestinian factions in Beijing under Chinese mediation, according to Lin Jian who serves as China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman.

The Chinese official explained that both parties held an “in-depth and sincere dialogue” which made “encouraging progress” on several issues. Both sides agreed continuing a dialogue to “ensure the achievement of Palestinian unity” immediately, according to Mr Lin.

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Since Hamas’ victory in the legislative elections of 2006, Palestine has experienced severe political divisions exacerbated by the geographical split between the West Bank and Gaza strip. The results of the election were rejected by Fatah, the U.S., Israel and most European states despite foreign and independent observing agencies declaring the election as “free and fair”. The Palestinian authority continues to run under Abbas, based in Ramallah whilst Hamas controls the Gaza strip. Civil servants in Fatah have been ordered to not work in the ruling Hamas-led administration in the enclave.

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