Jordan: Hidden explosives found in Amman

Controlled detonation in the Abu Alanda area of Amman

Explosives were found and safely detonated on the 24th of June by Jordanian security forces, foiling an apparent plot by Iran to destabilise a vital ally of the U.S. according to the New Arab.  The explosives were located in an industrial area, southeast of the capital Amman.

The news comes after other munitions were uncovered on June 22nd in a crowded residential area near to an airbase that stations U.S. military aircraft. Jordanian authorities speculate that both explosives belong to the same group of suspects but are withholding details of the case until investigations are completed.

The Abu Alanda area was sealed off by security forces whilst conducting a wide scale security operation, two days after explosives were securely detonated in the Marka neighbourhood, according to witnesses.

Throughout the year, numerous attempts by pro-Iranian militias to infiltrate the Jordanian border with rocket launchers and explosives have been thwarted by security forces. However, some of the weapons do pass undetected into the country, according to Jordanian intelligence. Tehran continues to deny being behind such attempts.

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Several Jordanians, affiliated with Palestinian militant groups, have been arrested in relation to arms sent to fighters within the neighbouring Israeli-occupied West Bank.

The quantity of explosives suggest that they would have been employed in terrorist activities, according to security officials. Intelligence claims that the explosives are connected to Iran’s clandestine efforts to undermine the security of the Kingdom through acts of sabotage, further destabilising US influence in the Levante.

The U.S. area support group in Jordan have over 3,500 troops stationed over several bases. Since the inception of the Israel-Hamas war on October 7th, Iranian backed groups have increasingly targeted areas with US presence in Syria and Iraq.

The New Arab and Agencies

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