Biden official questions Israel’s “total victory” in Gaza

A top Biden official has expressed doubt that Israel can achieve “total victory” in Rafah, Gaza according to Arab News and agencies on May 14th.

US Deputy of State Kurt Campbell said “In some respects, we are struggling over what the theory of victory is,” at a youth summit on May 13th.

“Sometimes when we listen closely to Israeli leaders, they talk about mostly the idea of….a sweeping victory on the battlefield, total victory,” he added.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has advocated for the notion of “total victory” against Hamas, asserting that invading Rafah is necessary to eliminate the group. 

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Israel has been critiqued for failing to focus beyond immediate military objectives.

Meanwhile Gaza is suffering its eighth month of heavy bombardment with Israel accused of committing war crimes

The UN has warned that the Gaza debris could take years to clear.

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Campbell compared Israel’s blindsided military approach to the US’ post 9-11, saying “I don’t think we believe that that is likely or possible and that this looks a lot like situations that we found ourselves in after 9/11, where, after civilian populations had been moved and lots of violence that…the insurrections continue.”

With the devastating violence in Gaza, Campbell also outlined the need for a solution beyond military violence. 

“I think we view that there has to be more of a political solution…What’s different from the past in that sense, many countries want to move toward a political solution in which the rights of Palestinians are more respected,” said Campbell.

Several European countries have stated that they are ready to recognise Palestinian statehood, indicating a readiness for a new diplomatic solution.

Arab News / Agencies

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