Israel official says pro-Palestinian protests pose “direct threat”

Dan Diker, president of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, addressed Israeli parliament on May 7th to declare that pro-Palestinian protests at US colleges present a “direct threat to the existence of the state of Israel”, the New Arab and agencies reported. 

“Israel must be vigilant and keep its eyes open,” he added. “We cannot accept statements like ‘Israel is an apartheid state’ or ‘Israel is an occupying state’, which have persisted since [former Palestinian President Yasser] Arafat’s speech in 1974 at the UN General Assembly.”

Pro-Palestinian encampments and protests have expanded not only across the US, but the world at large. US media reported that an estimated 2,000 people have been detained as a result. Many remain critical of the institution’s calling upon police enforcement. 

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On May 2nd, US President Joe Biden broke his silence on the matter: “Order must prevail,” he said. Though on May 8th, the US did stall a shipment of weapons intended for Israel, further weakening the relationship between both nations. 

Israel’s war on Gaza has faced widespread opposition as the Palestinian death toll continues to  escalate. On May 3rd, the UN raised concerns about Israel’s impending Rafah offensive, pointing out that, should they proceed, the region’s 1.3 displaced civilians would face imminent danger. 

Ceasefire negotiations have stalled as a result, as Hamas official Osama Hamdan warned that the group would not cooperate if Israel moves forward with more offensive action. 

The New Arab and agencies 

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