Pakistan to prioritise Iran pipeline over US sanctions

Pakistan’s Deputy Prime Minister, Ishaq Dar, has prioritised the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project over the risk of US sanctions, outlining the need to “make decisions based on Pakistan’s interests”, according to Arab News and agencies on May 8th.

“We are not concerned with what other countries say about the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project,” said Deputy PM Dar.

“We must prioritize our own interests, honor our commitments, and make decisions based on Pakistan’s interests”, he added.

Pakistan and Iran formerly agreed to the project, named the Peace Pipeline, in 2009.

However, the US and other countries have made it clear sanctions will be imposed if the project goes ahead.

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The US Biden administration reportedly attempted to prevent the pipeline project, as reported by US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Donald Lu, to a US Congress hearing.

The US Assistant Secretary made the comments following Pakistan’s recent decision to build the first phase of the pipeline, involving 80km from the Iranian border to Pakistan’s port city, Gwadar.

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“This project has long-standing complications, including sanctions from other countries, but we will prioritize Pakistan’s interests when making decisions about it,” said Dar.

Reports indicate the Pakistani government is considering hiring an international legal team to obtain a waiver from US sanctions.


Arab News / Agencies







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