UN to recognise full Palestinian membership

The United Nations General Assembly could vote to recognise Palestinian membership on May 10th, according to Arab News and agencies.

A new bid would essentially serve as a global survey to gauge support for the Palestinian cause. If the 15-member Security Council approves the application, it would then be brought to the General Assembly for approval.

Just last month, on April 18th, the United States vetoed the Palestinian bid for full UN membership in the Security Council. While Britain and Switzerland abstained, the remaining 12 members voted in favor of the bid.

The US argued that the recognition of the Palestinian state should only come through direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian authority. “It remains the US view that the path toward statehood for the Palestinian people is through direct negotiations,” claimed Nate Evans, spokesperson for the US mission to the UN.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas denounced the US decision as “unfair, unethical, and unjustified.”

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A number of EU states are now actively working to recognise Palestine’s statehood to effectively halt the conflict in the enclave.

In fact, according to diplomats, the 193-member General Assembly is likely to vote in favour of the bid. However many argue that this would set a precedent for other situations as Kosovo and Taiwan.

Israel has once again reiterated its stance on the matter, stating “if it is approved, I expect the United States to completely stop funding the UN and its institutions, in accordance with American law”.

As a matter of fact, US law forbids funding any UN organisation granting membership to groups who do not have “internationally recognised attributes” of statehood.


Arab News and agecies


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