Ceasefire talks for the war on Palestine ended in Cairo on May 5th, according to Asharq Al-Awsat and agencies.

The Palestinian militant group has reiterated the four key demands outlined by April 13th as necessary towards the achievement of an agreement with Israel.

The demands included “a complete halt to the (Israeli) aggression, a full withdrawal of the occupation from all of the Gaza Strip, the freedom of return for the displaced (to the north), and the entry of aid to meet the needs of our people in the Strip.”

However, Israeli authorities decided not to send a delegation to the negotiations mediated by Egypt and Qatar.

“We see signs that Hamas does not intend to go to any agreement” claimed Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.

Israel strongly reaffirmed its stance on the conflict, threatening to continue its military operation in Rafah.

Rafah, Gaza’s most southern city, is currently crammed with more than 2.3 million Palestinian refugees.

The United Nations has already voiced its concerns over the dangers of an Israeli offensive in the area as “it could be a slaughter of civilians and an incredible blow to the humanitarian operation in the entire strip because it is run primarily out of Rafah.”

Rafah’s drastically precarious condition is extremely concerning to Hamas, putting further pressure to broker a ceasefire.

Egypt proposed a three-step plan to negotiate an immediate six-week halt to the conflict. Hamas would have to release the female hostages while Israel would partially withdraw from the enclave.

Benjamin Netanyahu asserted that Israel is willing to cooperate but will continue fighting until all of its objectives are achieved.”

Further negotiations will be held in Qatar on May 7th.


Asharq Al-Awsat and agencies

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