Israel deploys C-Dome defence shield for the first time

On high alert following a retaliation warning from Iran and its proxies, Israel for the first time deployed its ship-mounted defence system named the “C-Dome” on April 9, AFP reported. 

The defence system in question, a naval version of the Iron Dome, is designed to effectively protect ships against various modern threats, often rockets and missiles. 

The system, which costs around $50,000 per launch, was deployed amid fears of a strike in the southern Israeli city of Eilat. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said that a “suspicious target” had entered the country’s military airspace. 

Israel’s military said in a statement, “Following the sirens that sounded in the area of Eilat regarding the infiltration of a hostile aircraft, IDF Naval forces identified a suspicious aerial target crossing into Israeli territory. The target was successfully intercepted by the ‘C-Dome’ naval defense system.” 

Eilat was targeted in February by intercepted ballistic missile fire from Yemeni rebels Houthis, who have been running amok in the Red Sea, attacking Israeli vessels as well as ships belonging to its allies in what they claim is in support of Gaza-controlling and fellow Iran-backed militants Hamas as Israel started to wage a brutal war on the enclave six months ago. 

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No casualties or damages were reported in the southern Israeli city. 

In contrast to the C-Dome, the land-based Iron Dome has been used on multiple occasions to fend off rockets launched by Hamas from the besieged Gaza Strip. 

Following Israel’s targeting of the Iranian embassy in Damascus on April 1, the country is preparing for an attack as Iran vowed to hit back “harshly”. 

Dozens of reservists have been called up and the Israeli military announced that “leave will be temporarily paused for all IDF combat units”. 

The IDF did not yet reveal what the “suspicious target” on April 9 was. 


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