Hezbollah “prepared” for creation of new Israeli brigade

Hezbollah appear undeterred at the creation of a new Israeli army brigade, claiming they are prepared for all sorts of threats, Newsweek reported on March 19.

Amidst the country’s brutal war on Gaza and clashes with Hamas allies Hezbollah, Israel announced that the “Herahim Brigade” (also referred to as the “Mountain” Brigade) would be deployed at the country’s border with Lebanon and Syria. 

Regarding such deployments, a Hezbollah official commented, “Israel is always the one who creates conflicts out of fear for its existence and out of more greed.” 

The Herahim Brigade is set to be sent out to the occupied Shebba Farms (situated in a small Lebanese town) and Jabal al-Sheikh, at the border with Lebanon and Syria. 

The creation of the brigade will come under Israel’s 210th division which will replace the 810th brigade (also known as the Northern Command) in the area. The latter has been carrying out operations in the aforementioned areas since the year 2000.

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210th Division commander, Brigadier General Zion Ratzon said that the deployment of the new army wing will allow the country to boost its military force and to better defend themselves against potential threats from Lebanon and Syria.  

Since October 7, the IDF and Hezbollah have been battling on a near daily basis, resulting in the deaths of 236 Lebanese militant fighters, 11 IDF soldiers and 54 civilians in what has been the deadliest fighting since the one-month war in 2006. 

Iran backed groups have also been targeting US forces based in Iraq and Syria in what they say is in solidarity with the Palestinian people and due to Washington’s continued support for Israel. 

The attacks on US troops since October have prompted Israel to ramp up its targeting of Iranian proxies in southern Syria. 

Newsweek/The Jerusalem Post

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