US Ex-President Donald Trump promises he will call for a quick end to the war in Gaza upon winning the elections in November, according to The New Arab and agencies on March 18th.

Trump’s government is considered to be the most pro-Israel administration in US history. During Trump’s mandate, the American embassy was relocated to Jerusalem, acknowledged as the capital, and Israel’s illegal claims to the Golan Heights were recognised.

Despite that, the Republican presidential favourite is now heavily criticising the Israeli government and advocating for a cease-fire: “I think you have to finish it up and do it quickly and get back to the world of peace”, the Ex-President stated on March 17th.

Trump’s relationship with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has been ambiguous ever since the 2020 elections, where Netanyahu immediately congratulated Trump’s staunchest opponent Joe Biden upon his victory — despite four previous years where Trump went to extraordinary levels to support the zionist entity. .

However, Donald Trump seems to be still maintaining a pro-Israel stance, as he promised to bar anti-Israel and pro-Hamas immigrants from entering the country if elected later this year.

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Since the beginning of the war, Israel has killed 31,726 people in Gaza, the majority being women and children and is slowly losing international consensus.

Even the US government, firmly committed to Israel, has been advancing criticism towards its conduct.

Kamala Harris expressed “deep concern about the humanitarian conditions in Gaza”, and US Senate Chuck Schumer who accused Netanyahu of being a “major obstacle to peace”, called for new elections in Israel on March 14th 

The New Arab and agencies

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