Hezbollah to compensate conflict-affected residents

Lebanese militants Hezbollah are seeking to give compensation to those affected by the group’s clashes with neighbouring Israel since October, L’Orient-Le Jour reported on March 10.

Hezbollah has been skirmishing with Israel in support of fellow Iran-backed group Hamas given the bloodshed Israel has created in Gaza. Such events have stoked fears that a regionwide conflict is on the cards. 

The militants announced that they would be giving aid to some 87,000 people who have been displaced in villages near the Southern Border due to the conflict. 

Hassan Fadlallah, one of Hezbollah’s 13 members of the Lebanese Parliament, confirmed that the compensation had already began. 

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Hezbollah will be offering monthly payments, food and drink as well as shelter through its Jihad Al-Bina organisation, which was originally founded in order to help alleviate the consequences of the Lebanese Civil War and Hezbollah’s war against Israel. 

In November 2023, the cash-strapped Lebanese government allocated roughly 1 trillion Lebanese Pounds ($11.1 million) from the 2024 budget for compensation to those affected by the conflict. Hezbollah reportedly allocates around $20 million monthly for refugee aid which covers rent and providing families with $100 to $200 per month. 

The move was welcomed by many however some Lebanese people have said that they would rather be given compensation to buy or rent accommodation away from the border with Israel due to concerns that history will simply keep repeating itself. Hezbollah have yet to comment on such queries. 

It is not clear as to how much damage Hezbollah have caused however they have claimed that an investigation into the matter is ongoing. 

Economists in the country have said that the losses as a result of the clashes amounted to $900 million. 

L’Orient-Le Jour

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