Hezbollah hits Israeli Golan Heights outpost

Golan Heights

Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia claims to have attacked an Israeli position in the occupied Golan Heights on March 11th, according to Reuters.

The group purportedly used four arial drones to strike the Israeli Kela air defence outpost in the northern Golan Heights, which Israel captured from Syria in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.

Israel’s Defence Forces (IDF), however, claim that two hostile aerial targets crossed from Lebanon into Israeli territory but “fell in open areas.”

Middle East Monitor reported a previous Hezbollah attacked Kela, on February 10th, which coincided with Iranian Foreign Minister Hossain Amir Abdollahian’s Lebanon visit. During the visit, Abdollahian confirmed his country’s continued support for the group, stating: “Lebanon’s security is Iran’s security, as well as that of the region.”

Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah have been exchanging fire with the IDF, mostly concentrated around the Lebanon-Israel border since the outset of the ongoing Israel-Gaza war, although Israeli attacks have edged further north in recent weeks.

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On October 7th, Gaza’s Iran-backed Hamas militia attacked southern Israel, which killed 1,200 people, according to official Israeli figures. In retaliation, Israel is prosecuting a brutal and indiscriminate bombardment, invasion, and blockade of the enclave. The Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry estimates that Israel has killed over 30,000 people in the conflict so far, while experts warn of a developing famine.

Hezbollah also claim that Israeli warplanes struck its border positions at Taybeh on March 10th, and Jibbain on March 11th.

Lebanon’s Jamaa Islamiya Islamist militant group and Hezbollah ally, also lost three fighters to an Israeli strike on March 10th.

More that 60 civilians and 200 Hezbollah fighters have been killed by Israeli attacks on Lebanon since October 7th, according to Lebanon’s medical and security institutions.

Reuters / Middle East Monitor

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