Lula “not welcome” in Israel after Holocaust remarks

Brazilian President Lula compared the Gaza massacre to the Holocaust which attracted accusations of antisemitism from Israeli officials, ABC News reported. 

The veteran socialist leader was in attendance at the 37th African Union Summit which took place from February 15 to February 18 in Ethiopia. 

On the final day of the event, he highlighted the crisis in the Palestinian enclave saying, “What is happening in the Gaza Strip and to the Palestinian people hasn’t been seen in any other moment in history. Actually it did when Hitler decided to kill the Jews”. 

Lula’s tough anti-Israel stance is in stark contrast to his predecessor Jair Bolsonaro, often nicknamed the “Brazilian Trump”, who could often be seen bearing the Israeli flag at rallies as well repeatedly stating that he would move Brazil’s embassy in Israel to Jerusalem during his stint as President. 

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Israeli officials were quick in condemning the Brazilian head’s remarks. Foreign Minister Israel Katz said, “The things that Lula said when he compared the righteous war of the state of Israel against Hamas, which murdered and massacred the Jews, and Hitler and the Nazis is shameful and unacceptable.” 

Katz added that Lula was not welcome in Israel until he withdrew the comments as well as accusing him of a “very serious antisemitic attack”. 

Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that Lula’s remarks “trivialized the Holocaust” and “crossed a red line”. 

As of February 19 Israel has murdered in excess of 29,000 people in Gaza since October, 70% of whom were women and children. 

ABC News/ BBC 

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