Israel strikes Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon

The town of Ghaziyeh in southern Lebanon was hit by two Israeli airstrikes on February 19, Al Jazeera and local media reported. 

Ghaziyeh is roughly 30km away from the border with Israel and 26km away from the city of Nabatieh where Israeli forces committed their deadliest attack on civilians since near daily skirmishes between them and Iran-backed militants Hezbollah, a Hamas ally, from October 7 onwards. The airstrike on February 14 murdered 10 people, 5 of whom were children, and the IDF stated that a Hezbollah commander was killed. 

Following the recent Israeli blast from fighter jets, an IDF spokesperson claimed that the reason for the attack was “in retaliation” to a drone launched into the country by Hezbollah over recent days. 

The strikes targeted the militants’ weapons bases and no casualties have been reported as of yet. 

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Reporting from Beirut, an Al Jazeera reporter said that a factory was a target in the strikes. 

Zeina Khodr said “The owner of the factory said the targeted facility manufactured electrical generators.”, adding that strikes are now hitting deeper inside Lebanese territory as well as occurring on a more regular basis. 

Hezbollah have insisted that they will not end the fighting until Israel stops is brutal massacre in Gaza where over 80% of its population has been displaced, a significant number of families are facing famine-like conditions and over 29,000 have been killed since the start of October. 

Also since that time, around 200 people have been killed in Lebanese Israeli border clashes, 170 of whom were Hezbollah gunmen. 

Al Jazeera 

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