Israel: Deathwish song targets Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid

A song calling for the murder of popstar Dua Lipa and model Bella Hadid is topping Israel’s charts, according to The Times on February 15th.

Released on November 14th, Harbu Darbu has become the unofficial anthem of Israel’s brutal war in Gaza, with more than 18 million YouTube plays to date.

It names Lipa, Hadid, and former adult film star Mia Khalifa, due to their pro-Palestinian, anti-war stances.

The Stilla & Nes song also references Hezbollah leader, Mohammed Deif, and Hamas’ Ismail Haniyah, with the lyrics “every dog will get what’s coming to them.”

Israel’s ruthless bombardment of Gaza has killed over 28,000 Palestinians to date, according to the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry’s estimates. More than 80% of its population have been forcibly displaced and a quarter of people are believed to be starving, amid an escalating humanitarian catastrophe.

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The chart-topping drill song praises the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) airstrikes and encourages soldiers to collect notches on their guns.

The lyrics state: “You can feel the tremors all the way to Tel Aviv… All the girls are checking out the soldiers.”

Embraced by Israeli soldiers, videos are circulating on YouTube and TikTok with the song set to footage of soldiers meeting with IDF head, Herzi Halevi, and driving military vehicles.

The song, however, has faced both domestic and international criticism and comes amid an ongoing debate in Israel, regarding the conscription of the country’s youth.

22-year-old, Liam Yossef, a record collector who went through to arduous process of registering as a conscientious objector told The Times: “I absolutely hate that song.”

Yossef added: “I was hoping it would fall flat. But I kind of knew it would be a hit. It’s embarrassing. I lost friends on Oct. 7 but it’s still an awful song.”

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The Times

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