As Israel plans to not stop its aggression on Gaza and its allies don’t want other countries to interfere, bombings on other sovereign states are very frequent.

On January 12, the US and British forces bombed Yemen, targeting Houthi placements, after weeks of creation of a task force precisely to achieve this goal.

The countries, supported by Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand and South Korea, bombed 60 targets at 16 sites in Yemen, including the capital Sanaa.

Houthi’s military spokesman declared that five militants of the Yemeni movement were killed and six were wounded. He affirmed that this aggression won’t stay “unpunished”.

This attack’s goal aims to neutralize Houthi’s attacks in the Red Sea that stopped several commercial ships directed to Israel. This is a Houthi strategy to pressure Israel to stop attacking the Gaza Strip and allow humanitarian aid enter in the region.

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