TikTok star funds Palestinian youths in Malaysia

TikTok star Sabrina Bahsoon established a fund that will educate over a dozen Palestinian children in Malaysia, reports South China Morning Post, January 8. 

Bahsoon, 23, who is of Lebanese and Malaysian origin, has a 800,000-strong following on the video app, which rose in popularity during the first Covid lockdowns back in early 2020. 

The TikToker is also nicknamed “Tube girl”, a nod to a notable collection of videos on her account filmed on the tube in Malaysia. 

The influencer’s initiative will fund the education of 14 Palestinian youths at the Marifah International School, situated in Seri Kambangan (close to Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur). 

For the Arabic deparment at the institution, parents need to fork out around 9,000 Malaysian Ringgit ($1,940) per annum. The school also has a well-respected English department. 

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Bahsoon collaborated with Geutanyoe Malaysia, an advocacy group that helps younger refugees in the country get access to basic needs such as shelter and education, to assist Palestinians refugees who have fled Gaza and illegally occupied Palestinian territories to travel to Malaysia. 

On January 4, the group wrote on Facebook, “Her commitment has opened doors for 14 Palestinian children, providing them with quality education amidst the challenging backdrop of their homeland, having fled Gaza and the West Bank to Malaysia. 

 “This contribution not only nurtures young minds but also serves as a safe haven for them in a context of protracted displacement. Together, this coordinated effort strengthens our resolve to empower the Palestinian community through education.” 

Since the escalation of tensions between Israel and Gaza in early October, the social media star has been vocal about the dire situation in the region notably, highlighting the crisis in Gaza, where food and water is running out, hospitals aren’t fit for purpose and over 23,000 residents have been killed. 

In November she teamed up with UK-based charity Choose Love to sell t-shirts to raise funds for aid to those in Gaza as well as displaced communities in southern Israel. 

South China Morning Post/ Arab News

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