2000 IOF soldiers wounded by Hezbollah

As Israel hasn’t achieved any of its goals in Gaza, it is trying to expand the war in the region to declare some victories after three months.

However, on December 5 Hezbollah claimed in a speech that the group had injured around 2,000 Israeli soldiers in strikes towards northern Israel in the last three months, reported The New Arab plus agencies.

Since October 8 Hezbollah had been fighting Israel from the South by attacking constantly the North of Israel to help the Palestinian Resistance.

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The fighting between Israel and Hezbollah has gradually escalated into tit-for-tat rocket fire. Hezbollah announced has lost 129 fighters, while Israel says it has lost nine soldiers, reported The New Arab plus agencies.

“Lately they are beginning to talk about the numbers of killed and wounded, but these are not the real numbers. Many experts (Israel) say that the numbers are three times higher in reality,” Nasrallah said.

The Lebanese Islamic Resistance also declared the number of attacks it carried out, claiming that it conducted more than 670 operations over the last three months, according to The New Arab plus agencies.

The same London-based news outlet reported that Nasrallah added that due to Hezbollah’s Resistance on the southern Lebanon, Israel had been forced to divert resources from its brutal military aggression in Gaza. The displacement of tens of thousands of Israeli civilians in northern Israel is a huge political and economic weakening for Israel.

December 5 speech was the second time Nasrallah has spoken since the Israeli assassination of top Hamas official Saleh el-Arouri in the southern Beirut on the 2nd January.

Nasrallah once again menaced Israel by saying that a response to the assassination and the attack will be close, without specifying the time and the way.

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Hezbollah won against Israel in 2006, when the Zionist state occupied Southern Lebanon.

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