US comedian faces backlash over pro Israel posts

After a recent appearance in a video released by pro-Israeli actress Noa Tishby on December 22nd, US comedian and actress Chelsea Handler is facing backlash by Tiktok users, according to the New Arab and agencies. 

In the video posted, Handler and Tishby made several claims in an aim to defend Israel from the criticisms that it received following its ongoing military actions in Gaza. According to New Arab News, the two-minute video showcased the two actresses claiming that Israel is the “single consistent democracy” in the Middle East and that it values press freedom, same-sex marriage, women’s rights and freedom of religion

Moreover, Handler said in the video that “Israel represents the protection of Western democracy and Western values”.

Following the release of the post on various social media platforms, TikTok users expressed their displeasure with the content and voiced their disagreement with Handler’s claims.

A Tiktok content creator, Simone Umba, who has shared content about Gaza, hit back against Handler’s claims. She said, “If you were pro-Palestine, then you’d be asking for a ceasefire because Israel is responsible for over 20,000 [killings] in Gaza and the West Bank.”

Comedian Mohanad Elshieky also shared his thoughts regarding Handler’s claims, stating in a video “this is some 2003 level propaganda- like it’s so hack, come up with new material. This is some freedom fries level of thinking. I think you can do better racism wise- you can do so much better than this.”

Contrary to Handler’s stance, some individuals shared TikTok videos aiming to counter pro-Israel narratives. These videos included claims such as the assertion that Israel had legalized gay marriage. 

However, it’s important to note that same-sex marriage is still  prohibited in Israel, and such unions are only acknowledged when conducted abroad since 2006.

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Additionally, in October, Handler signed the open letter expressing gratitude to US President Joe Biden for his support of Israel during the conflict in besieged Gaza.

Whereas, another letter signed by celebrities like Ben Affleck, Bella Hadid, Jennifer Lopez and many others, demanded for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. 

Source: New Arab Staff & Agencies

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