Sara Netanyahu says families of hostages are helping Hamas

Israeli media reported that Sara Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister’s wife, criticized relatives of hostages by claiming they are “helping Hamas”. This took place when she accompanied her husband in a meeting with the families on the 2nd of January, according to The New Arab plus agencies.

Sara Netanyahu told hostage’s families that their pressure on her husband and the government for stopping the war and negotiate with Hamas for prisoners’ exchange is helping Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, The New Arab reported it from Israel’s Channel 12.

This increased families’s anger, some shouted at her, reported The New Arab.

Some relatives pointed out that watching past released hostages via media helped them endure captivity in Gaza.

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The prime minister defended  his wife by saying that she was concerned over the difficult conditions of the hostages.

He allegedly told the families that although prisoners’ exchange deal is not currently on his plans, Israel is “mulling declaring the deportation of Sinwar from Gaza”, reported The New Arab.

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Many Israelis are dissatisfied and they are protesting against the Netanyahu government for not having protected its people and claim  that the war on Gaza is putting hostages at risk.

Netanyahu has met with only a few families, with many that went away from the meetings frustrated for his plan to continue this war without having any concern about protecting the hostages, according to The New Arab.

Palestinian Resistance still holds 126 Israeli and 11 non-Israeli hostages.

Israel continues to hold over 7,000 Palestinian political prisoners, including over 200 children. Some 2,000 prisoners are being held in administrative detention – without charge or trial.


The New Arab plus agencies

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