Blair at centre of controversial Gaza resettlement plan

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is reportedly at the head of an Israeli initiative that wishes for Gazans to be relocated from the besieged territory, according to Israel’s Channel 12 News, December 31. 

The controversial ex-head of state has often been dubbed a war criminal by both sides of the political spectrum for the illegal invasion of Iraq which still haunts him to this day. 

Israeli media also reported that Blair recently had talks with Israeli cabinet member Benny Gantz and far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

Blair denied allegations that he was supportive of Palestinian resettlements. 

A spokesperson for the former British head said, “Reports that Mr Blair has anything to do with the voluntary evacuation of Gazans is simply not true, there has been no such discussion nor would he consider it,” 

Channel 12 News/ Middle East Eye 

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