Anti Israel stance grows in Morocco over passports

Morocco Israel Passports

Morocco continued to ramp up its anti-Israel stance, which has been more vociferous since the ongoing bloodshed in Gaza. Its latest move, is calling for Moroccan-Israeli dual nationals to be stripped of their Moroccan citizenship, according to Maghrebactu, December 20. 

The idea was brought up by a key member of the Al-Istiqlal party, one of the parties in the coalition government. The official called on the Moroccan King to act on the issue of Israelis who have Moroccan citizenship. 

The government is made up of the National Rally of Independents, the Authenticity and Modernity Party and the aforementioned conservative and monarchist Al-Istiqlal party. 

A member of the party, Malika El Assimi wrote in a letter to King Mohammed VI, “The so-called Israelis of Moroccan origin admit their affiliation to a criminal entity and their practices against humanity,”  

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El-Assimi has also in the past called on the monarch to cut all ties with the Middle Eastern state as well as a roll back of the Abraham Accords which Morocco signed back in December 2020. 

In the former lawmaker’s letter, she adds that, “The so-called civilians (Israelis) are reserve armies and a structural component of a purely military entity,”   

The politician’s remarks only highlight the sheer strength of solidarity with Palestinians, particularly in Gaza, in the kingdom and the Maghreb region more generally. 

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Neighbouring Tunisia’s anti-Israel sentiment is also well documented. 

Yet more rallies are expected to take place in the capital, Rabat over the coming days where pro-Palestinian groups will reiterate their pleas to cut all ties with the country as well as supporting a close of the Israeli liaison office in the city. 

It is estimated that there are currently 2,500 Israeli Jews living in Morocco according to recent data.

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