Rights group says Gaza most dangerous war ever for journalists

Gaza Journalists

The U.S-based  Committee to Protect Journalists (CPF) said on Dec.21st that this Gaza war has been the deadliest for media workers, having the most journalists killed in one year in a single location.   

Most of the journalists that were killed in this war, 61 out of 68, were Palestinians. Moreover, three Lebanese journalists were killed by Israeli airstrikes between October 7 and December 20 on the escalating Lebanon-Israel border, marked by ongoing tension.

 Part of the report by CPF stated that it was “particularly concerned about an apparent pattern of targeting of journalists and their families by the Israeli military.”

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Furthermore, CPF highlighted the gravity of the Gaza situation, emphasizing how reporting is constrained due to continual Israeli bombardment and frequent shutdowns of communication channels.

“The Israeli army has killed more journalists in 10 weeks than any other army or entity has in any single year. And with every journalist killed, the war becomes harder to document and to understand,” said Sherif Mansour, CPJ’s Middle East and North Africa program coordinator.

According to a May report from CPJ, Israeli soldiers have been responsible for the killing of at least 20 journalists in the past 22 years, with no instances of charges or accountability.

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