U.S. court charges Hezbollah member in 1994 Buenos Aires attack

The US court on Dec.20th, charged an alleged Hezbollah member with terrorism, accusing him of orchestrating the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires that resulted in the death of 85 people. The charges hold him accountable for his role in coordinating the attack.

Federal Prosecutors in Manhattan stated that Samuel Salman El Reda, 58, has been playing a role in Hezbollah activities in South America, Asia and Lebanon since 1993. They also stated that he is based in Lebanon and “remains at large”. 

Since 2019, the US state department has placed sanctions against El Reda and placed a bounty of 7 million dollars for intel on his location. 

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According to The New York Times, Argentina holds Latin America’s highest population of Jews, with an estimated 250,000. Moreover, Argentina has held Hezbollah accountable for another attack in 1992 on the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires which led to the killing of 29 people. 


Reuters/Al Arabiya News

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