Hezbollah says Lebanon deaths by Israel will be avenged

Hezbollah Lebanon Israel

Despite efforts by Western governments, there seems little hope of the war in Gaza escalating to a regional war.

Hezbollah, the Lebanese militant group, pledged that they will avenge civilians killed by recent Israeli attacks. This statement was released after an Israeli airstrike targeted a building close to a funeral for one of the group’s fighters on Dec.17th . 

The Israeli airstrike targeted a building close to the funeral, resulting in structural damage but no casualties, as reported by the agency. Despite the Israeli enemy’s attempt to instill fear among the hundreds of mourners, the ceremony proceeded without interruption.

According to a correspondent, shortly after the airstrike, artillery shells landed in close proximity to the funeral procession of another Hezbollah fighter in Beit Lif.

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The border between Israel and Lebanon has seen constant bombardment since the war in Gaza on October 7th. Moreover, after the Israeli airstrike, the militant group fired a “salvo of rockets” at the Israeli town Kiryat Shmona

The Iranian-backed group said in a statement that “any harm to civilians will be reciprocated”. 

Asharq Al Awsat 


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