Hamas rejects prisoners exchange during Israeli bombardments

Hamas Israel Gaza
Despite Qatar, Egypt and US mediation, the Israeli war on Gaza doesn’t seem to be close to an end. Netanyahu and his government are not open to the proposal of permanent ceasefire, blaming the Palestinian Resistance of not wanting to release the hostages.
According to Al Arabiya and Reuters, the Palestinian movement Hamas rejects proposal on negotiations over exchanging prisoners during the Israeli aggression, but is open to any initiative to end it, a senior official from the Palestinian Resistance movement said in a statement on the 20th of December.
Al Arabiya also reported the declarations of Hamas political member Basem Naem: “We affirm our position of categorically rejecting to hold any form of negotiations over prisoners exchange under the continuing Israeli genocidal war.
We are, however, open to any initiative that contributes to ending the aggression on our people and opening the crossings to bring in aid and provide relief to the Palestinian people.
Al Arabiya/Reuters

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