Jordan’s princess participates in Gaza hospital airdrop

Jordan Gaza Hospital Salma

Jordan’s Princess Salma has participated in the latest airdrop at the Jordanian Medical Center in Gaza to send necessary medical supplies, according to the state news agency on Dec.14th. 

Princess Salma, the daughter of King Abdullah II and Queen Rania, played a role in the fifth airdrop to the 40-bed Jordanian Field Hospital in Gaza. Established in 2009 to offer medical assistance to Palestinians, the hospital faces challenges in receiving essential supplies due to the ongoing war. 

Consequently, Jordan has resorted to using airdrops to ensure the delivery of necessary supplies to the hospital. Whereas, staff and equipment arrived in Egypt before entering Gaza through the Rafah border.

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Last month, Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan participated in delivering supplies to another field hospital.

The war has imposed a devastating siege on Gaza, resulting in over 19,000 Palestinian fatalities and 50,000 injuries, as stated by Palestinian authorities.

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