Montenegro Soccer-Coach returns to Lebanon job

Lebanon Radulovic

Lebanon has appointed former Montenegro coach Miodrag Radulovic just one month ahead of the Asian Cup. This decision comes as a replacement for Croatian coach Nikola Jurcevic, as announced by the Lebanese Football Association on December 11th.

Jurcevic, who assumed the position only two months ago, departed on December 9th, marking a mutual agreement between him and the Lebanese FA.

Radulovic has previously coached the Lebanese team from 2015 to 2019.

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The Lebanese FA commented on Jurcevic’s departure, “the decision came after discussions between members of the executive committee to secure the best technical staff available to the team before its participation in the Asian Cup finals.”

The announcement followed Lebanon’s back-to-back losses to Montenegro and the United Arab Emirates, coupled with draws against Palestine and Bangladesh during the 2026 campaign under Jurcevic’s coaching.



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