Yemen’s Houthis continue aggression against Israel

Iran-backed Yemeni group Houthis said on December 6 that they fired into Israel, reports AFP. 

The ballistic missiles were fired from the Red Sea, where the rebels are prominent, as the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) claimed to have intercepted the projectiles. 

Houthis, who run a great deal of Yemen including the capital Sanaa, claimed to have launched numerous missiles into Israeli territory as well as threatening to continue their operations against Israel, notably targeting their vessels based in the Red Sea, “until the aggression against our brothers in Gaza stops.” 

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The world watches on in horror as brutal Israeli forces continue their killing spree in Gaza as truce extension talks between the country and Palestinian militants Hamas recently stalled. Since October 7, over 16,000 Gazans have been killed and the blasts have caused the displacement of 1.6 million out of the enclave 2.2 million strong community. 

With regards to the Houthis aggression, the IDF said, “The launch of a surface-to-surface missile toward Israeli territory was identified and successfully intercepted in the area of the Red Sea by the Arrow Aerial Defense System”.  

The Yemeni militants had previously attacked three ships, two of which they believed were Israeli, in international waters on December 3. The “Israeli” vessels were identified as Unity Explorer and Number 9. 

Israeli military spokesperson Daniel Hagari claimed that the ships had no relation to Israel. 


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