Israel kills a soldier of the Lebanese national army

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On the 5th of December, Israel killed a member and wounded three others of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), the Lebanese army tweeted from its official account.

The Israeli aggression happened in the Lebanese town of Aadaysit, in the southeast. It’s the first time that the Israeli military has killed a LAF soldier, despite it bombarded southern Lebanon several times since October 7.

The target was an “imminent threat (…) that was identified within a known launch area and observation point of the Hezbollah terrorist group” announced the Israeli Occupation Forces from their official “X” account, expressing regret over the fact.

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Since October 7, Israel has killed 22 Lebanese civilians and 86 militants of Hezbollah, Anadolu reported.

Israel attacked southern Lebanon many times, using also white phosphorus, in violation of International law, to repress the Islamic Lebanese militant group that attacked northern Israel and Occupied Sheebaa Farms.

Since the 7th of October, the Lebanese army has never been involved in the clashes between Israel and Hezbollah, since it has declared openly that it does not want a war but it supports a permanent ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, to stop the clashes in southern Lebanon.

The objective of Hezbollah is to weaken Israel, in support of the Palestinian Resistance in Occupied Palestine.
Israeli officials have declared several times that they will send Lebanon ” back to the stone age” if Hezbollah continues to attack. Israel has always used this same threat to repress any Resistance in besieged Gaza.














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