Palestinian youth locked out of Jerusalem school

A Palestinian student was told that he cannot resume his education in a school in Jerusalem, reports the New Arab and agencies.

14-year-old Ahmad Salaymeh, who was recently released from an Israeli prison as part of a prisoner swap deal between Palestinian militants Hamas and Israel, attempted to persevere with his studies on December 4 however was told by the public school’s headteacher that this would not be possible. 

The headteacher informed Ahmad and his parents that following instructions from the municipality, those released from Israeli prisons could not be readmitted. 

Ahmad Salaymeh was the youngest Palestinian to be flung in jail by Israeli authorities. He was in detention for up to five months.

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Regarding the school’s decision, the youth’s father Nawaf said, “I contacted my lawyer. He asked me to obtain the decision in writing, but the school referred me to the municipality,” adding, “Education is our right. It is not a gift”. 

East Jerusalem is an occupied city under international law meaning that Israel has a duty to provide education to Palestinian residents living in the region which raises the question if Ahmad’s school lockout is even within the law. 

In 2018 Donald Trump moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem during his four-year stint as President, therefore recognising the city as Israel’s capital in what was seen by many experts as an irresponsible move that had the potential to enflame already fiery tensions in the region. 

Nawaf’s lawyer is yet to publicly comment on the 14-year old’s school ban and it is uncertain as to how long the sanction will be in place for.

The New Arab/ The Telegraph 

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