Macron warns of mammoth conflict between Israel and Gaza

Emmanuel Macron warned on December 2 that the conflict in the Middle East could last a decade amidst the uncertainty of Israel’s future plans, according to British newspaper The Telegraph 

Speaking at a press conference at the COP 28 summit in Dubai, the French head of state said, “I think we’re at a point where the Israeli authorities are going to have to define their objective and desired end state more precisely”. 

Israel’s attacks have been more ruthless since October 7 as over 15,000 have been killed in Gaza, in addition to the country’s forces imposing a siege which has deprived the enclave’s 2.2 million strong population of their food, water, electricity and other basic necessities, as well as dozens in the West Bank where numerous Palestinians have also been wrongfully arrested. 

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Macron, who in October was in complete opposition to the Palestinian militant group as he called for an international coalition against them added, “What is the total destruction of Hamas, and does anyone think it’s possible? If it is, the war will last 10 years”. 

As well as being in the UAE for the UN’s annual climate summit, the French President jetted off to Qatari capital Doha to meet with the country’s emir (monarch) Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani. 

Qatar has played a key role in efforts to stop hostilities between Israel and Hamas which have recently stalled as a result of Israeli intelligence agency Mossad pulling out of negotiations. 

Since the collapse of the talks, the IDF claimed to have struck Gaza 400 times since the end of the partial ceasefire. 

Notably, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Syrian strongman Bashar Al-Assad did not attend the climate conference. 

The Telegraph/ Sky News UK

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