Beyonce facing backlash for film screening plans in Israel

American Singer Beyonce is facing backlash for screening her concert film in Israel, reports The New Arab and agencies, November 28. 

The Texas-born superstar angered fans and pro-Palestinian activists as she plans to show off her Renaissance concert film in Israeli cinemas. 

Beyonce’s film, releasing on December 1, documents the creation of her 2022 album as well as her world-breaking tour. 

Artists who perform in Israel are often under scrutiny from the BDS Movement, a global organisation that calls for a boycott, divestment, and sanctions on the state for its ongoing reprehensible treatment of Palestinians over the past decades. 

Since October 7, over 15,000 have been killed in Gaza as well as hundreds in the West Bank by brutal Israeli forces. 

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Notably, Pink Floyd founder Roger Waters, a member of the movement, has repeatedly pressured fellow performers not to do shows in Israel. 

The veteran rockstar’s strong pro-Palestinian views have led to him being on the receiving end of accusations of anti-Semitism. 

One X (formerly Twitter) user, seemingly a Beyonce fan, wrote, “And since Beyoncé and her team have chosen to double down as capitalists and not heed our calls to cancel the film in Israel, I’ve cancelled my tickets like I said I would, and I urge everyone to do the same. We gave them ample time and a deadline, they just don’t care.” . 

Another angry social media user commented, “You are progressive when it suits you and it’s not cute.” . 

NewsWeek/ The New Arab

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