Turkey sends warning to West over Israel stance

Turkey has called on the West to not shy away from calling out Israel’s war crimes, according to The Palestine Chronicle, November 27. 

Since October 7, Israeli forces have killed dozens in the illegally occupied West Bank as well as bearing responsibility for over 15,000 deaths in Gaza. 

Israel, which numerous human rights organisations worldwide have called an apartheid state, has also been cutting off Palestinians’ water, food, electricity and medicine supplies among other basic essentials which is another clear breach of international law. 

At the International Strategic Communication (Stratcom) Summit in Istanbul on November 24, Turkish president Recep Ergogan’s message – via his foreign minister – couldn’t be clearer.

Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan said, “The Western world should distance itself from Israel’s war crimes. Any conditional or unconditional support to Israel is a blank check for the killing of more Palestinians,” . 

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The US and UK have long backed Israel despite its multiple crimes against humanity in various Palestinian territories. Both countries refused to back a ceasefire in the blockaded Gaza. 

The Turkish official added, “History will not forget the intolerance to the Palestinian flag and calls for peace in today’s Europe, where attacks on the holy Quran are supposedly accepted as freedom of expression.” . 

Last month, Former British Home Secretary Suella Braverman, who was sacked on November 13, criticised the flying of the Palestinian flag on the UK’s streets as well as dubbing demonstrations in solidarity with Palestine, hate marches. 

The solidarity marches tend to attract hundreds of thousands in London and have been largely peaceful. 

The Palestine Chronicle  

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