Iran-backed militias reinforce their presence in Syria

Reports from the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights on November 22 show that Iran-backed militias have reinforced their presence in the Homs desert, reports The Syrian Observer. 

It is believed that the additional gunmen were deployed from the capital Damascus’ countryside as well as the eastern city of Deir Ezzor. 

The number of fighters sent to the region is estimated at around 700, trained by Lebanese militant group Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. 

During the deployment, supplies of ammunition and weaponry for instance short and medium-range missiles were brought, along with logistical equipment as tensions in the region escalate.

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The Iran-backed forces are made up of fighters from notably Syria, Iraq, and Palestine amongst other areas in the region. 

The militias have on multiple occasions targeted US forces based in the Middle Eastern country’s eastern part which has led to a recent American retaliation, carrying out two airstrikes against weapon and ammunition storage facilities belonging to the gunmen.  

There are fears that Syria and neighbouring countries could be dragged into the conflict with Israel and Gaza. Lebanon has seen various cross-border clashes with Israel recently which has led to the displacement of around 29,000 inhabitants residing near the area. 

A conflict-stricken country, Syria has overseen an ongoing civil war which broke out as a result of veteran Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad’s brutal stifling of pro-democracy protests back in 2011. 

The strongman faces an international arrest warrant after accusations that he was complicit in crimes against humanity and chemical attacks back in 2013. 

The Syrian Observer 

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