Numerous hostages released by Hamas as part of truce deal

After weeks of delay, a good number of hostages taken by Hamas were released, reports BBC News, November 26. 

On October 7, the Palestinian militants carried out an unprecedented assault on Israel, killing 1,400 and taking around 250 hostages. 

As part of a truce deal, reached after weeks of negotiations between Israel, Hamas and the United States and mediated by Qatar, it would see the release of at least 50 captives in exchange for a four-day pause in Israel’s brutal strikes on Gaza.  

The agreement will also allow the freeing of 150 Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails as well as much needed aid into the enclave.

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Those held were handed over to the Red Cross on Gaza’s border with Egypt. 

Recently, Hamas reportedly affirmed their praise and “appreciation towards Egypt and Qatar for ensuring the continuation of their temporary truce with Israel”. 

It is alleged that Israel has prevented hostages from speaking to the press following reporters’ interview with a relative of an elderly lady who was held by the group and said that no mistreatment took place. 

Speaking to the press, she noted, “My mum said that they (Hamas) were very gentle with them and took care of all their needs”. 

BBC News

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