Hamas official’s speech to Moroccans stokes outrage

A top Hamas official called on Morocco to stop having a peace deal with Israel and to end all normalisation of ties more generally, reports Arab Weekly and agencies on November 22nd. 

Thousands of Moroccans recently took to the streets calling for condemnation of Israel’s massacre in Gaza and for the kingdom to end its diplomatic relations with Israel. 

The head of Hamas’ political bureau abroad, Khaled Meshaal called on Moroccans within the country to continue protesting against a deal with Israel and to be committed to the Palestinian cause.  

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This sparked outrage across most of the political class as Morocco’s King Mohammed VI has already stated that the country would continue working with Israel regardless of the scrutiny as Meshaal was accused of incitement. 

During a rally in support of Palestine in Rabat, Meshaal addressed the crowd via video link, stating, “I am here addressing the masses and the Islamic and national forces of Morocco, regardless of their political or ideological affiliations. You can plead with the country’s leadership, out of commitment to Morocco, its interests and security, and commitment to Palestine.” 

The Rabat demo was organised by the Islamist Justice and Development party (PJD) who have been in close contact with the Palestinian militants over the past few weeks.

On November 11 the party’s Secretary-General Abdelilah Benkirane held a phone call with Hamas chief Ismael Haniyeh.   

Arab Weekly and agencies

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