Israeli weapons firms feeling isolated at Dubai Airshow

Israeli weapons firms had empty stalls at the beginning of the week-long Dubai Airshow on November 13, reports Gulf News. 

Are Israeli weapons firms having empty stands a metaphor that emphasizes the anti-Israel sentiment globally? As the airshow kicked off, firms, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems’ stalls appeared non-existent. 

The Dubai Airshow takes place every two years in November and Israeli companies have only formally participated in exhibitions since 2020, which marked the UAE establishing ties with the country. 

In contrast to the IAI and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems’ bare display, Dubai registered company of Israeli firm Elbit Systems had stalls fully stocked up. 

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Establishing the UAE-registered company back in 2021, Elbit Systems faced outrage for the facilitating of Israeli attacks against Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. 

Pro-Palestinian activists have protested outside Elbit factories in multiple British cities calling for the shutdown of these establishments and highlighting their complicity in Israeli war crimes. 

In the past, activists claimed to have been behind the permanent closure of a couple of Elbit Systems’ sites including one in London. 

Elbit Systems provides at least 85% of drones used by Israeli forces, who over the past month have been brutal killing over 11,000 Gazans. 

IAI and Rafael are yet to comment on their empty stalls at this year’s event. 

Gulf News 

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