Israeli army chief tells Netanyahu war with Lebanon inevitable

Israeli army chief tells Netanyahu war with Lebanon inevitable

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) chief warned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on November 14 that a war with Lebanon cannot be avoided following Hezbollah’s recent attacks, according to Reuters. 

Although the Israeli forces have their eyes set on Gaza, where they have killed over 11,000 Palestinians, Lebanon is a key target for them as Iran-backed militants Hezbollah fired rockets deep into the country, reportedly reaching towns in Haifa and Western Galilee. 

Israeli military sources have suggested that the army should target the militants’ strongholds in Beirut which they claim would deter them from committing further attacks on Israeli soil. 

The country hit back, firing 40 kilometres deep into Lebanon. During the revenge attacks the IDF noted that they struck one of Hezbollah’s missile-to-air launchers, commonly used to down drones. 

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Cross-border skirmishes have already occurred between the country and Hezbollah killing nearly a hundred people of which most were the Lebanese group’s fighters. 

The clashes have caused the displacement of 29,000 Lebanese people living near the border with Israel. 

Despite Hezbollah being well armed, possessing attack drones, Katyusha rockets and other missiles, Lebanon as a whole is severely ill-prepared for a conflict. 

The Lebanese civil defence’s chief said, “We are the first line of defence, yet we have no equipment to protect ourselves,” adding that, “If war erupts, we might not be able to secure enough water for our trucks or other basics like food”.   


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