Evacuations from Gaza to Egypt face suspension

An Egyptian source noted that evacuations from the blockaded Gaza Strip into Egypt were suspended on November 10, reports Reuters. 

The suspension affects foreign passport holders and Palestinians needing urgent medical care as it is believed that the postponement was due to the struggle to bring patients into the Rafah crossings from the Palestinian territory. 

Recently, a Red Cross aid envoy was fired at by Israeli forces on the way to Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital where the organisation planned to deliver medical supplies to. 

It was reported that despite two of their trucks being hit and a driver being severely injured, they reached their destination via a detour and then escorted ambulances carrying wounded patients to the Rafah crossings from Gaza to Egypt. 

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) recently said that the Al-Shifa Hospital, the enclave’s main hospital, was no longer functioning. 

On November 12, the WHO stressed that multiple days, “without electricity, water and with very poor internet” had drastically impacted Al-Shifa’s ability to provide satisfactory care. 

Gaza’s border authorities recently published a list of those permitted to cross. This included groups from Brazil, Canada, Poland, Romania and Russia. 

Since October 7, over 11,000 Gazans have been slaughtered by Israel whilst the country also deprives them of food, water, electricity and medical supplies amongst other basic necessities. 


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