Report claims UK anti tank weapons in the hands of Hamas

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British journalist claims UK made anti tank missiles are being resold once sent to Ukraine – and ending up with Hamas


British anti tank weapons are ending up in the hand of Hamas fighters in Gaza, according to a british journalist who has been investigating the illegal arms market, Levantis can reveal.

The claims are made in an article by the Irish website The Islander by investigative journalist Martin Jay who report that despite firm denials from the UK government, British made weapons sent to the Ukraine are being resold on the black market and finding their way to terror groups in central Africa and even Gaza.

Jay’s extensive report involves interviewing a number of western experts from the Pentagon and the US Navy who all believe the government’s “Russian disinformation” line whenever approached on the subject by journalists is at best suspicious and at worse plainly untruthful.

The British veteran journalist, who lives in Morocco, interviewed both Ben Wallace and Alicia Kearns MP and discovered that the government has introduced a series of new tracking measures for weapons sent to the Ukraine. During a colourful whatsapp message exchange with the former defence minister, the journalist says that Wallace dismisses recent claims by a former Nigerian president that arms arriving from Ukraine into the Sahel region are fuelling wars by arming terrorist groups. Wallace, according to the article, claims that the former Nigerian head of state got his information from RT television news and is “misinformed”.

Mrs Kearns, who sits on a prestigious committee which oversees UK arms being sent to Ukrainian forces also dismissed the Nigerian claims despite a UN report actually stating that “new assault rifles from Ukraine” are flooding the black markets of Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger where ISIS affiliated groups are growing daily.

When asked directly if the british government could actually locate its own weapons in the battlefield once they left the garrison in Ukraine, Mrs Kearns’ answer was vague not very convincing, the article claims.

Yet the denial of the government and the lengths it goes to in order to not take the claims that British kit is leaving Ukraine, is becoming the laughing stock of western geopolitical analysts around the word who now are gathering in number to dismiss outright the convenient “Russian disinformation” line.

They worry that it is only a matter of time before British and other NATO weapons sold on the international black market, sent from Ukraine, will arrive in the hands of Hamas in Gaza.

The government and its cabal of on line supporters like ex SAS soldier Robin Horsfall, assiduously stick to the line that Hamas won’t take British made anti tank weapons, for example, as they are already comfortably supplied by Iran.

Yet a recent video, which features in Jay’s report, shows clearly that this notion is sensationally flawed.

A video made by a Hamas fighter saying that the militant group will avenge the deaths of those who were killed by the bombing of Al-Ahly hospital shows an impressive collection of around 30 anti tank missiles – many Swedish made AT4s and a good number of British assembled NLAWs.

The report claims that the government uses the “Russian disinformation” line to shut down journalists’ enquiries into UK weapons being resold by the regime of Mr Zelensky as the government is covering up its own failures to ensure the illegal practice is continuing.

“The government seems to play the role of stubborn parents who refuses to search their teenager’s room, when told by the parent teachers association that he is taking drugs, when talking about the subject of our weapons being resold in the Ukraine” Jay explains. “It would be so easy to look in the first place, for example, in the Sahel…but of course they’re afraid of what they might find so much easier to just stick to the blanket denial” he added.

Read the full version of the 4000 word piece here

The Islander


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