The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said that their vehicles were hit by fire in Gaza on November 6, according to Reuters 

Founded in 1863, the ICRC is a Geneva-based humanitarian organisation that protects citizens amid international and civil armed conflicts. 

The organisation was in Gaza to deliver medical supplies to the Al-Shifa hospital and despite being under fire, they noted that they were able to deliver the supplies. 

Two of their trucks were damaged and a driver was severely injured. 

As the mistreatment of Palestinians worsens, Israel has cut their food, water, electricity and medical supplies amongst other basic needs in what is widely regarded as a breach of international law. 

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The two vehicles in question were carrying, “lifesaving medical supplies to health facilities including to Al Quds hospital of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, when it was hit by fire.” The ICRC said. 

Following the incident, the convoy went on a detour, reaching their intended destination then escorting multiple ambulances carrying wounded patients to the Rafah crossings from the Palestinian enclave to Egypt. 

Since Hamas’ assault on Israel on October 7, news outlet Al Jazeera reports that over 10,500 Palestinians have been murdered in Gaza, many of whom were children, by Israel. 

Regarding the firing, William Schomburg of ICRC Gaza stressed, “These are not conditions under which humanitarians can work & meet the urgent needs of the civilian population”. 


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