Pro-Netanyahu tabloid calls for resignation of under pressure PM

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A pro-Netanyahu newspaper called for the resignation of the long serving far-right Israeli Prime Minister. 

Israel Hayom has long been a supporter of Mr Netanyahu however the journal  published an opinion piece on November 7 titled, “ Netanyahu, lead us to victory and then go”. 

Netanyahu,74, has been in and out of office since the 90s. His first stint was back in 1996 where he served for three years and then from 2009 to 2021, then becoming Prime Minister for the third time in December 2022 after Naftali Bennett’s short time as the country’s leader. 

The article, written by Uri Dragon, accuses the Likud Party leader of being self-serving and power hungry, “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is focused on the war, no doubt, but Bibi Netanyahu is focused on saving his skin. He looks at his predicament and thinks about the day after the war while prosecuting it; he is thinking about the ways to preserve his governing Coalition, stay in power, and keep his political viability over the years.”  

The right-wing tabloid constantly critiques the political left and is owned by Netanyahu’s personal friend, Sheldon Adelson, an Israeli-American political donor and philanthropist. 

The article continues, “I dread the prospect of Israel having won the war in Gaza only to lose its collective solidarity as a nation; I fear the chaos that will reign here – which will make the judicial reform protests pale in comparison.” 

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In an interview with American broadcaster ABC News on November 6, Netanyahu declared that there would be no ceasefire in Gaza until Palestinian militants Hamas release the hostages that they abducted at the beginning of last month. 

There have been growing calls amongst the international community for a cessation of hostilities in the Palestinian enclave as UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres recently stated that the besieged Gaza was akin to a “graveyard for children”. 

The under-pressure veteran has already faced multiple calls for resignation. Last month, multiple demonstrators gathered outside the Tel-Aviv based Israel military HQ calling for the release of the captives taken by Hamas on October 7 as well as urging the Prime Minister to pack his bags. 

One distressed protestor noted that, “This is what he (Netanyahu) does to us because he’s more concerned about his ego and his political career and his bribes and his … everything. His ego and his legacy. This is his legacy, blood on his hands! On his legacy, on his everything. This is his legacy.”. 

Haaretz reported that support for the far-right leader and Likud was dwindling on October 13.  A poll carried out from October 11 to 12 showed that Netanyahu had an approval rating of 42%.  

Since October 7, 1,400 Israelis have been killed and over 10,000 Palestinians have been murdered in Gaza as conflict in the region rages on. 

Israel Hayom 

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