Lebanon ill-prepared for war with Israel

As Lebanon expects to be dragged into another war with Israel, the country is severely ill-prepared for conflict as they continue to suffer from economic turmoil, reports France 24, October 31. 

In contrast, Israel is armed to the teeth thanks to military aid funding from Washington to the tune of $3 billion per annum. 

Across the Atlantic, France and the United Kingdom continue to be strong backers of Israel. 

Lebanon has seen a troubling economic situation for the past four years as many point the finger at the country’s governors. 

Lebanese emergency services rushing to the scene of Israeli bombardments near the border in old vehicles, protection non-existent, paints a picture of how unprepared the country is militarily and financially. 

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Tensions in the region reached boiling point at the beginning of October when Palestinian militant organisation Hamas carried out an assault on southern Israel from Gaza, a territory under the grip of the militants since 2007. 

Israel has since then slaughtered over 9,300 Palestinians in the blockaded enclave, often dubbed “the largest open-air prison on the globe”. 

The Lebanese civil defence based in the southern town of Marjayoun said that the fire rescue service can’t afford protective equipment for his team according to Anis Abla, the civil defence’s chief. 

Abla said from his office near the Israeli border, “We are the first line of defence, yet we have no equipment to protect ourselves,” adding that, “If war erupts, we might not be able to secure enough water for our trucks or other basics like food”. 

The UN International Organisation for Migration (IOM) recently reported that around 29,000 Lebanese people residing near the Israeli border were displaced as a result of skirmishes between Hezbollah and Israel. 

The clashes between the two parties have caused 49 casualties, 46 from the Lebanese militant group and 3 from the Israel Defence Forces (IDF). 

It is plausible that Hamas and Hezbollah, both backed by Iran, will join forces to combat the neighbouring country. 

France 24 

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