Russian FM condemns Israeli airstrikes on Syrian territory

Sergei Lavrov held talks with Syria’s Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad over the phone on October 31 as the pair mostly discussed the ongoing tensions between Israel and Hamas, according to The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. 

During the phone call, Russia’s Foreign Minister noted, “the unacceptability of Israeli air strikes on Syrian territory, which have become more frequent amid the events around the Gaza Strip” adding, “the danger of attempts by external forces to turn the Middle East into an arena for settling geopolitical scores”. 

A few days after Hamas’ assault on Israel from Gaza, Russian President Vladimir Putin castigated US foreign policy, believing it was adding fuel to the fire in the region. 

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Regarding the matter, the controversial Russian leader said on October 10, “I think that many people will agree with me that this is a vivid example of the failure of United States policy in the Middle East,”.   

Lavrov and Mekdad both stressed the need for a ceasefire in Gaza and well as promising to address the humanitarian situation in the Palestinian territory as a result of continued fighting. 

In late October, the UN General Assembly voted 122 to 14 in favor of a humanitarian truce in Gaza. The US was one of the 14 countries that voted against the resolution. 

The United States is Israel’s biggest ally and gives the Middle Eastern country $3 billion in military aid on a yearly basis. 

Last month, during a meeting with far-right Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel-Aviv, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken emphasised Washington’s strong support for the country. 

Netanyahu also noted that the US official’s visit showed the forceful backing that the US had for the state. 

On the same day, Lavrov spoke to his Saudi Arabian counterpart Faisal Bin Farhan. The foreign ministers discussed bilateral relations as well as key global issues. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation 

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