Israeli army claims to have hit 11,000 militant targets in Gaza

Since the escalation of tensions between Israel and Hamas, Israel’s army claimed On November 1 to have attacked 11,000 militant targets in Gaza, reports Sky News UK. 

Tensions in the region reached boiling point on October 7 when Hamas militants killed around 1,400 Israelis and held hundreds hostage in a brutal assault on the country’s south from the blockaded Gaza Strip. 

Trigger-happy Israel reacted ruthlessly to the attack, killing 8,900 Palestinians, many of whom were children, in the Palestinian enclave. 

A statement from Israel’s military said, “Since the beginning of the war, the IDF (Israel Defence Forces) has struck over 11,000 targets belonging to terrorist organisations in the Gaza Strip.” 

The IDF also noted that 11 Israeli soldiers were killed recently. This was the biggest loss of Israeli troops on a single day since October 7. 

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It is possible that Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, also backed by Iran, will join forces with Hamas in their combat against Israel. 

Despite Israeli President Isaac Herzog claiming that the country was not seeking animosity with Hezbollah, 29,000 Lebanese citizens living near the Israeli border have been displaced due to clashes breaking out between the group and Israel. 

Lebanese people, particularly those in the capital Beirut, are preparing for a conflict on the same scale as the 2006 war.  

The one-month war between the neighbouring countries killed 1,300 Lebanese people and 160 Israelis. 

Recently at the Israeli border, 46 Hezbollah members and 3 IDF soldiers were killed as of October 28. 

Sky News UK 

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