Pro-Palestinian model targeted by Israel supporters using AI

As the use of AI becomes ever present in the modern day, pro-Israel activists used it to create fake videos of Bella Hadid, reports British newspaper The Evening Standard, October 30. 

A strong advocate of the Palestinian cause, American supermodel Bella Hadid, 27, was the latest victim of the pro-Israel activists as videos circulated of her “retracting” previous pro-Palestinian remarks. 

On a more sinister note, recent videos have been doing the rounds on video app Tiktok showing Israelis mocking Palestinians for their lack of access to water, food, and other basic needs. 

As Israel has a complete disregard for international law, the country has deprived Gazans of their access to basic needs. 

Following Israel’s brutal assault of Gaza which as of October 31 has killed around 8,600 Palestinians, many of whom are children, since October 7, the Palestinian-American model has been even more vocal in her condemnation of the country. 

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One of the edited videos of Hadid has her saying, “I apologise for my past remarks (regarding Israel and Palestine), this tragedy has opened my eyes to the pain endured here and I stand with Israel against terror. I’ve taken time to truly understand the historical context and now with a clearer understanding I hope we can engage in constructive dialogue moving forward.” 

Many social media users noted that Israel supporters are creating these videos about sensitive issues for political gain. 

One X (formerly Twitter) user noted that, “This deepfake is a new low, manipulating a sensitive issue for personal / political gain. But the truth is clear: Bella is Palestinian and her family is with Palestine.” 

Bella Hadid alongside her sister Gigi, also a model, have shared multiple posts strongly supporting Palestine on their highly followed Instagram accounts. 

The Evening Standard

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