Gaza’s Al Shifa hospital faces threats

Threats to target the Al Shifa hospital in Gaza have been made by Israel, Reports the New Arab on October 27.

According to Fox News, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have stated that a Hamas military base exists under the hospital.

Hamas political official Ezzat El-Reshiq has refuted these claims, stating that they have “no basis in truth” and accused the Israelis of using these allegations as a pretext to target the hospital.

Al Shifa is currently housing more than 50,000 Palestinian though, it is barely operating on generators supplied by solar energy.

The conditions in the hospital, as well as in other hospitals in Gaza are devastating. Surgeons are performing surgeries on patients without pain medications.

Also, families are forced to stand in long lines to receive their share of the minimal amounts of bread and water.

Muhammad Haniyeh, a Palestinean man whose staying at the hospital with his family told the Anadulu news agency that they (his family) have been unable to shower since the beginning of the conflict.

These threats come just over two weeks after the bombing of Al Ahlieh hospital, which claimed the lives of at least 500 people, with the Israeli government attributing that attack to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

The people of Gaza have been living in poverty for years, and their conditions worsened when the 2023 war, which started on October 7 when Hamas launched rockets and ground attacked South Israel. Israel responded with a large bombing campaign on Gaza, destroying several buildings and cutting of the supply of essentials such as food and electricity.

The New Arab

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