Israel charges actress for posts supportive of Hamas

An Arab-Israeli actress landed in hot water for social media posts supportive of Hamas, reports AFP. 

Maisa Abdel Hadi, a Nazareth-born actress who has featured in multiple films and series, faces charges including incitement to terrorism for her recent social media posts, Israeli justice officials noted on October 29. 

She was also briefly arrested following her controversial remarks online. 

The 37-year-old, who still lives in her place of birth, said on Instagram that, “this lady is going for the adventure of her lifetime” in reference to a video of the Palestinian militants kidnapping an elderly Israeli woman. 

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Following Hamas’ brutal assault on southern Israel from the under-siege Gaza Strip, Hadi asked her friends in a Whatsapp group if they had “heard the good news” regarding the attack before describing what happened on October 7.  

As the actress has a healthy following on Instagram (27,000 followers) the Justice Ministry said that this could encourage many to support terrorist groups and acts as well as, “under the circumstances cause an act of terror to take place,”. Hadi was also charged with “identifying with a terrorist group”. 

Her charges were recently filed at Nazareth’s district court. 

Maisa Abdel Hadi won the best actress award at the 2011 Dubai film festival. 


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