Iranian militants deployed near Syrian-Israeli border

 Forces have been deployed at the border with Syria and Israel over the past two days, according to AFP, October 24. 

Recently, forces linked to Iran-backed militias were spotted in the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus. 

Hundreds of troops have been seen as The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights noted that group contained individuals from Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan and had ties with the Fatemiyoun Brigade. 

The group, also known as the Liwa Fatemiyoun are an Afghan Shia militia whose headquarters are in Iran. 

The militants have been deployed where Lebanese group Hezbollah are already present. 

Many have warned that Hezbollah could get involved in the ongoing conflict with Israel and Hamas. 

Tensions increased between the two parties on October 7 when Hamas carried out an assault on Israel’s southern flank, killing 1,400 people. 

Whilst Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Al-Safadi warned that the clashes between Gaza and Israel could spread to the West Bank and Lebanon, Israeli President Isaac Herzog said that the country was not seeking confrontation with Hezbollah. 

During a meeting with Emmanuel Macron in Jerusalem, Mr Herzog affirmed, “I want to make clear, we are not looking for a confrontation on our northern border or with anyone else but if Hezbollah drags us into a war, it should be clear that Lebanon will pay the price,” . 

Boutros Merjaneh, the head of the Committee for Arab and Foreign Affairs in Syria’s Parliament, has said that it is unlikely that the country will undertake military action against Israel following recent missile attacks on Syrian airports however stressed that Syria had a right to take forceful actions to such attacks. 

He explained, “I believe the current situation may be more complex than Syria engaging in any military action against Israel at this time,”. 

Over the past fortnight, Israeli strikes have hit an airport in Aleppo multiple times resulting in the death of a sizeable number of Syrian soldiers. 

Sources have claimed that Syria’s military leaders demanded their forces not to fire bullets or shells into Israeli-occupied territories. 


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